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Personal Diary

Personal Diary blog

Things I've Stumbled Upon entrecard+blogs entrecard+blogs
Things I've stumbled upon is a blog that shows you some of the things I have found on my journey through the digital landscape. Wacky, Weird, or wonderful....you will find them here.

Dee's Notes entrecard+blogs entrecard+blogs
A collection of notes about Dee's daily life. Love, life, people she loves, favourite songs, hobby, etc.

It;s not easy being KINKY.....entrecard+blogs entrecard+blogs
Don't let the title scare you.This blog has insights on Kinky's life. "How even though we are different we all share some of the same issues. I am real and not afraid to tell my truth".

Rdewia's journey blogging .........entrecard+blogs entrecard+blogs
This site is about my journey of blogging.I blog about internet article and tutorial.I also write about business and make money at home.

Dares to live life ......entrecard+blogs entrecard+blogs
My blog focuses on being entertained by simple things in our daily lives, how to be happy and be well-informed by wide variety of the Arts and Literature.

slightlydrunk.com entrecard+blogs
A blog about life....Discussing current events, everyday life and other useless or offensive topics over a few drinks.

Therapy Home entrecard+blogs
Love life, love animals, music lover and always looking at the bright side of life, adventurous, love home decorations, love nature and if possible travelling to different countries, cycling, cooking, F1 & fast cars, etc./

Reminiscing Mom entrecard+blogs
"A chance to share my thoughts, my insights, my life".This is a blog about the experience and thoughts of a mom....

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yuuki said...

1. http://www.itsnotalwaysaboutme.com/
2. It's Not Always About Me
3. just about everything and anything...

H Dropper said...

yunki ,would you add a "button"link to this blog?

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