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Blogging Platform,Monetize,And Trend Analysis

Blog has to be a mixture of the right information and false statement.

Nowadays ,it's easy to start a blog ,just choose a correct blog platform,you are ready to go.Let me warm you here,it easy to START but it might not easy to STOP..like addiction.Ask those blogger who spend the whole day just trying to figure out those CSS in order to make the blog look nicer.

Back to the topic. The selection of the blog platform very depends on individual's preference.Basically ,there are free blogging platform and paid Blogging platform for you to choice.

Selection of Top Blogging Platform
Below listed some of the popular blogging platform and software.One of the biggest and well known blogging platform WordPress.com is one of the most popular blogging platform due to its flexibility and thousand of plug in.

Blogging Software Usage

There is a different betweenWordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is the wordpress hosted version while WordPress.org is the blogging software you can install on your own domain with others hosting company.You need a hosting company to host your blog if you choose Wordpress as your blogging platform.

You CAN'T monetize you FREE hosted worldpress blog with Adsense and trust me,the free hosting service from WordPress.com is great place to hang out but you will have a great change to get banned if you spam or act like spammer.For exmple;massive link out to your other sites from your free WP blog.

Free Hosting
Among others top free blog hosting,Blogger and TypePad (modified version of Movable Type) both doesn’t require pay for the hosting.Blogger is a user-friendly platform that power by Google.It's free.

 Free is good,but if you are trying to make money blogging,free blogging platform might have some limitation for example you can't sell your blog domain,and you might have the risk like the blog platform might shutting down or delete your membership due to some terms and conditions.

 Make Money Blogging Advertising Network

Earn Money Blogging
Having you own blog with your own domain name and hosting will cost you money but you are blogging with your own domain names,you have the owner right of the blog domain if you resell it.

Although blogger blog allow you to have your own custom domain name that host on their server.However,Blogspot domain was blocked by several countries like China and Turkey .Consequently, some measures should be taken but it out of our power to control.

By having your own hosting place, you can use the get rid of those  worrier,you can write whatever you like of course you have to at lease worry about the money for your monthly hosting fee .

Blog Contents
 As i said earlier,it is easy to create a blog and publish to public,but you have to responsible for the BLOG contents that you have created.“Blog Content” means all information and content contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from your Blog.

Blog trend By topic

Writing useful information. Stay away from duplicating,cheating,or making rumor around the internet.You might get yourself in trouble from blogging.

Lastly happy blogging and don't forget your offline world, SHARE your though with your friend and family.. For Anything else just drop it to blog.

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