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Notices: entrecard was no longer accesible and it has closed down for good Entrecard is a blog advertising network allowing members to earn credits by improving and selling blogging-related products and services. Entrecard has finally closed. It has been a great site and given webmaster and blogger the chance to get there blog and websites noticed.

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Learn More about the blog icons on this directory.We isn't a dofollow blog,but we do listed some dofollow sites in our directory.We backlink to your blog with dofollow link if your blog meet our requirement..
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Extra SEO Link juice for your Entrecard Blog
You have joined Entrecard for a while? How much link weight/value you get?

Extra SEO Link juice for your Entrecard Blog

Have you join entrecard? How much link weight/value you get from Entrecard.com?

Entrecard listed you blog via url redirect e.g http://entrecard.com/t/oc/11732 instead of your blog url e.g: http://YourBlog.com .which doesn't provide any value to your Google Page Rage(PR)?

When you join Entrecard as a member, Entrecard listed you blog at the EC directory under the "campaign" page,[go to EC homepage and click campaign] Blogs are sort by the popularity of the blogs.To be at the front page,you need to get a lot of "drops", while they is almost impossible for most of us especially newbie to "sit" on the very front page unless someone use the search function to search for the "newest blog",basically you wont get notice and you can't get any value from it (the entrecard home directory )if you are new.

Seo Link juice
If you blog listed in any blog directory with dofollow link,it will help you gain some link popularity even you're far far away from the fist page.Link popularity will help you in getting faster index and rank by Google or others search engine.

From search engine optimization,SEO point,your blog link at Entrecard don't provide you ANY value to your blog.It purely a place for your to list your blog in order to get notice by the entrecard's blogosphere.If you blog is far behind the list on their campaign blog list,you and your blog basically can define as invisible.

The only way to promote your blog (from EC) is drop a lot of EC on the blog with EC widget or advertise your blog on others popular EC blogger blog.You can Advertise with cash via Entrecard paid Ads or with your ECredits.

Get extra Link juice for your Blog
What we have here is something that will benefit you We provide a link back to your blog using your blog title (with your blog url as a hyperlink) which is 100% SEO friendly and it certainly will increase your Google PR as well as increase your popularity on the blog's category you belong to.


If you're interested in adding your blog to this dofollow entrecard blog directory(blog with/without Entrecard)Leave a comment on the category to your blog or you can mail your blog to : dropit@ten.wishnet.us

Just Sent us the following info with the title: "EC link request"

2.You Blog Title:
3.Description of you blog:

We're currently under construction,part of the category still awaiting new blog to join.Your links from this directory will placed in a first-come-first-served order.I will place your link according to the type of your blog.

If your blog is in our list with nofollow tag.We will remove the nofollow tag after we received your confirmation of link back.You should place our code to participate.

This is human edit blog directory,we make no guarantee that your Blog will be listed .You can remove our link/button anytime if you think it's Inappropriate to your blog.

Joining DropIt2 network will enjoy all the benefit of our link track back features.(Even you're not Entrecard member)


*dropit2entrecard (and it network blogs) is an independent web site and is in no way affiliated with the Entrecard.com.


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Seems very usefull ideas and I think after construction it wil become a great list for dofollow blogs.

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Virtual assistant said...

Thank you for the list. its really hard to find information like this on the web without extensive searching, so thank you :)

Jingles said...

What does it mean by the Enter card blogs? Just a few times I have seen this terminology but don't know what is it?

Admin said...

It's not "Enter card" blogs...It's entrecard Blog.It mean blog that has the entrecard widget installed.

Check out :What is Entrecard..at http://dropit2entrecard.blogspot.com/2009/09/whats-entrecard.html

Admin said...


Liquid Rubber said...

Sounds good, it will give us more benefit, i am looking forward for its completion.

Jingles said...

Are backlinks still the way to go for SEO? (sorry about inadvertent rhyming)

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