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How "Fast loading" Help in SEO and Ranking
Do you know speed is part of Google ranking algorithm?

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How "Fast loading" Help in SEO and Ranking

Hey ,blogger ,site owner, webmaster and web author,did you know that Google has confirm that"speed" of you web blog will take into consideration for ranking a web site?
This so called new Google search ranking algorithms: site speed, It probably one of the many SEO factors that many blogger didn't aware or they simply do not believe it effect their blog ranking.
 SPAM ? You don't mess with Big G
You should beware when SEO your blog try to rank higher on search engines,Google don't like spam commenting and buying links ...

If you are working hard on doing SEO of your blog,like commenting hundred of those dofollow blog,submitting your blog url to hundred dofollow directory,adding signatures links to major discussion board.etc.

After all the hard work ,you found that your blog still didn't get a good position in SERP (Search engine result page)there are many factors ,whats wrong? you probably penalised by Google and they are sending you to sandbox, others reason might be the "loading time" of your blog.

Whats Loading Time
Whats these "SEO,speed,loading.." things all about? Technically,site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests.You can call it "loading time".
Speeding up your blog is important for best user experience.Web blog that take forever to load a page, doesn't it make you frustrated.

Why Loading Time Is important
Imagine this, if i am a guy who refer you somethings ? would you still believe me if i always sending you a page that has low performance and take few minute to load?Note that slow loading sites always associate with sites that loader with heavy ads and banners? Everyone "run" if landing on those sites.

If You are the site owners, you should always remember these golden  rules:

Rule#1:Faster sites create happy users  .

Rules#2:If you make your visitors happy ,Google will make you happy.

Google are collecting those "numbers"and know from their internal studies who's the fat blog that "load slow AND fast close".

It really doesn't need a high tech guy in GOOGLE to know that when a site visitors spend less time on the site,it mean the site is not relevant or not good.The site will most likely be rated DOWN.How do you ask them top rank a crap?

Google might be wrong judged your blog but you better don't mess with The Search Engine.New Google Search ranking algorithms awarded low bouncer rate site.

When the page loaded fast and visitor stick on it without leave immediately.G will thinks it is a good site ,and that probably one of the most good thing you can do to your blog beside adding valuable contents..

 So,make sure your site is optimize for fast loading speed.I know you might use your blog to make some extra money online,but Hey!How can you make a dime if your visitors can't wait your blog finished loading and runaway?

Remember ,Never equip to many heavy ads at once.(pop up,pop under,PPC ,Chitika,link info,Adsense upside down etc.)bunch of ads can't guarantee make you  money but 90% heavy loading blog drives your visitors away.

Another reasons for you to make your blog load Faster is Faster loading blog not only improve user experience;but it might help our environment,faster loading site save time and energy THAT NEEDED to load a page,improving site speed will reduces electricity.(may be it is not that important to you)So,in other word ,it help in search rankings SEO and environment 2 :-)

How to Make your blog load faster?
You can use those free tools to determine the speed of a site relative to other sites.Below are some online tools that you can use to evaluate the speed of your sit.

If you'd like to learn more about speeding up your website, or evaluate your site's speed,try it out.
  • Page Speed - Firefox/Firebug add-on that evaluates the performance of web pages and gives suggestions for improvement. This Add on provided by Google.
  •  YSlow -  free tool from Yahoo!Very detail analyze, great ways to improve website speed.
  • WebPageTest.org- shows a waterfall view of your pages' load performance plus an optimization checklist.
  • Google Webmaster Tools - Free tool from G.log in to Google Webmaster Tools,select "lab",then click on "Site performance".
Lastly ,you can also check out my fast loading Entrecard Blog Test and run a full test to know what is your blog speed.Go check out the tool,it's free.(You can use it even without EC)

These tools are recommended by

Study your Blog Speed Performance today and try developer a faster and user friendly blog.Your visitors appreciate fast blog and everyone love fast entrecard blog  :)


Sam said...

In researching a way to make blog loading time shorter, and those methods of optimization for web page, I have learned that encrypt java scripts could help.

Kenn said...

Thanks for the great tips on reducing the time of blog running and effect on seo.Great help.

Trailers Accessories said...

Woa such a very good and informative tips. thanks for sharing with us.

Radio Ads said...

Sounds good specially the part where you discussed about slow loading of page, this is really what we all need to know, thanks for sharing, i am also looking forward for more updates.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your terrific approach, Google starting the page speed toolbar for Mozila, Its very helpful to improve our site performance.

SSS said...

Nice blog.. Keep Posting....

Blogger team said...

Tips from blogger official blog:

"Your blog's load time can be affected by the number of posts you display on your main page.

You can easily edit the number of posts displayed of the main page from the Settings | Formatting tab. You can then select the number of posts you want to display on the main page.

We recommend displaying 10 or fewer posts on the main page. "

netlinkdirectory said...

I will leave a site that take forever to load.., because I get annoyed waiting for all the widgets and ads to load. I just leave....Thanks for the advice and tips..

Anonymous said...

Invest in a good hosting company MIGHT ALSO HELP . If you go far a cheaper web hosting, they might have some limitation in bandwidth and up time..

Guaranteed Seo Services said...

Really interesting article - I had no idea so much was involved...

Social Media Marketing Hertfordshire said...

Excellent post a very interesting read...

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